Athina Matapa is a Greek artist currently based in Northwest of England. Athina graduated from the Superior Academy of Dance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and qualified as a Ballet and Contemporary Dance teacher in 2013. Athina has also gained a Masters Degree of Arts in Dance Practices from Liverpool John Moores University in 2019.

During her studies, she performed some Classical, Neoclassical and Contemporary repertories from some well known choreographers such as George Ballanchine, Martha Graham, Pina Bausch, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Akram Khan. Also, as a performer she participated at some projects with other companies and artists as a freelancer. Athina has also been trained with Phoenix Dance Theatre, Company Chameleon, Ernesto Edivaldo (Depth movement), Lida Kapetanea and Josef Frucek (Fighting Monkey) and many other artists and dance companies across Europe. As a choreographer, she created two well researched dance pieces "Chromosomes" and "Move as yourself" and she performed them at Liverpool Lights night, 2019 at the John Lennon Arts and Design Building and also at the Leap Dance Festival, 2019 at Pen factory. 



As a teacher and artist I identify myself as postpositivist researcher, because I am interested to investigate reality that is constructed from individuals with different perspectives and worries about life. This worldview helped me a lot to understand how significant it is to see the students making progress, express their individualities and bring their voices within the class. This openness is something amazing, as dance is an art form and is for everyone who wants to be involved. I have experience in teaching ballet and contemporary dance since 2015. I am very dedicated and passionate with my job and I am trying to transmit that to my students too. I love sharing my knowledge with my students and encourage them to create and to never give up. I am also excited to learn from them because every lesson is something new and unique and everyone can contribute at the vast knowledge of this generous thing that is called "dance". Get in touch today

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These classes aim to completely beginners who want to learn the basic principles of Ballet, develop body awareness and improve the posture of their body. These classes  enhance flexibility, strength and coordination. The structure of the classes starts with some barre exercises to warm up the muscles and the joints, then continues at the center with nice combinations that focus on balance, stability and the awarness of the space and finally some stretching on the floor.  


These classes aim for people, who have been taught ballet before and are aware of the basic structure of a ballet class with the appropriate terminology and technique. The purpose of these classes is to develop technical skills, bring a deeper awarness in the body, cultivate artistic interpretation and finally increase musicality.



The level in these classes is open for anyone who is interested in the body and want to research different ways of movement. The main purpose of these classes is a consious exploration of the body as it is moving in the space. The structure includes some technical parts on the floor, the middle and the high level of the body. Some routines and sequenses that can help us to embody easier the free flow as well as the direct movement and explore different qualities, speeds and dynamics. Moreover, some basic acrobatics, partnership, and improvisation to create intimacy with the others and ourselves.


 I can also offer private sessions if you are interested to work in specific areas. Prices ranged from £25-£35 per hour.



  •  Studio 25 (25 Church St, Manchester M41PE).

  • Live Wire Studio (77a Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 2SJ).


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